Challenge Complete

I feel like I should start this post with a drumroll….and then say…Ladies and Gentlemen, the final bird of the April Thirty-Bird Challenge is…the Eastern Bluebird!

Oh, I could have said the American Robin, or the Northern Mockingbird, or the Red-shouldered Hawk, or the Red-winged Blackbird, or the Brown-headed Nuthatch – as they all made appearances too, but the honor of being featured as the grand feather finale goes to the bird that seems to make everyone smile.

You don’t have to tell me how blessed I am, because rarely a day goes by without a Bluebird posing on a perch, or taking an exuberant bath in my backyard.

I was hoping that maybe my Bluebird couple would have had their first brood by now and brought their babies to the feeders, but alas, they have not. So, for now, we will simply enjoy the adults and the way they bring beauty to wherever they are.

And with that, the Thirty-Bird Challenge is complete! I hope you have enjoyed seeing the birds as much as I have enjoyed sharing them!

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