A Magnificent Mess

A pair of Phoebes and their brood of babies have made a magnificent mess of my front porch! I use the word “mess” because they have (for the second year in a row) built a nest in the corner of my front porch overhang, which means that the area gets decorated with their debris and droppings. But I use the word “magnificent” because, well, the word is fitting – they are indeed magnificent!

It’s been so much fun to look out the front door and see not just two babies…

…nor three babies…

…but four little ones all huddled up together.

I knew they wouldn’t last much longer in those cramped conditions, so it didn’t surprise me when, after I took one last picture of their close-knit quartet…

…one flew out and the others followed suit.

They landed on various front yard perches and quickly proceeded to squawk for Mama!

My guess is that I’ll see them at the backyard Bark Butter before the day is done!

4 thoughts on “A Magnificent Mess

  1. How wonderful to have your subjects so close by, Kathy. Adorable captures. For all that cuteness, I’d forgive the ‘mess’ as well. Nothing a brush and soap can’t fix. 😉

  2. That is so cool. My brother (in NC) has a phoebe that builds in the corner of his porch each year. She allows them to sit on the porch but not move around much. I don’t think they’ve ever witnessed the babies leaving the nest though. I hope you get to see them around this summer.

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