Foliage of Fall

Sometimes the fall foliage provides a lovely backdrop for bird pictures.

Like these golden-green leaves blurring behind a chirpy Carolina Wren…

…or the faded dusty-rose dogwood petals behind this Carolina Chickadee.

My favorite background is this amber autumn oak-leaf glow that several birds were pleased to pose in front of.

I saved the best two photos for last since the chest feathers on these fellows seem to match so perfectly!

There is beauty to behold in every season!

13 thoughts on “Foliage of Fall

  1. Your bird pictures are amazing! A friend and fellow blogger told me I should visit your site. She knows I am a birder. She was right – so glad she gave me the recommendation!

      1. My favorite would have to be some kind of warbler. I like the brightly colored eye candy. Maybe a hooded warbler or a golden-winged warbler. Also love the red-breasted nuthatch.

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