Better Not Blink

I love Eastern Phoebes!

These tail-bopping beauties frequently perch on our backyard branches and wait for an unsuspecting insect to dine upon.

They have also taken a liking to refreshing themselves in the fountain, but if you want to catch one bathing you’d better not blink!

They’re not the kind to sit and leisurely soak – at least not the ones in my backyard! Instead, they quickly dive into the water and then immediately spring back out.

They often repeat this several times, pausing to drip for a moment between dives…

…and then return to their perch to wait for the next meal to fly by.

These birds are so lovely…and so much fun to watch!

12 thoughts on “Better Not Blink

  1. I am a big Phoebe Fan! I love being the close neighbor to a small busy tribe here by the Reed Creek. What is the pretty red stone right by your fountain?

  2. Very cool! My brother (in NC) has one that builds a nest on his porch each year. They can’t use their front porch until the babies fly away.

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