Not Quite Tiptoeing Through the Tulips

On a side street that connects to our neighborhood, lives a kind gentleman who, every year, plants THOUSANDS of tulips in his yard. He is a pastor at a nearby church and has found gardening to be a wonderful way to decompress. Planting the bulbs is part of his annual Christmas Eve tradition. Then, come April, the tulips blossom in all their glory, announcing the arrival of spring.

The tulip planting pastor (I don’t know his name!) gave me permission to traipse through his garden (See, I didn’t actually tiptoe!) with camera in hand. A storm was skirting by, bringing a stiff breeze and dark clouds with it, so it wasn’t exactly great conditions for taking flower pictures, but it was still lovely to be there.

I kinda like the picture below, as the blur and the bend of the flowers gives a hint of the weather.

I haven’t quite gotten the hang of flower photography, but it was a blessing just to be surrounded by such beauty.

7 thoughts on “Not Quite Tiptoeing Through the Tulips

  1. Hi. Some people who take flower photos as reference photos for their art-work, hold a white cardboard or such behind the flower, but I realize that is not why you take your photos. One such artist is Anna Mason. Spring bulbs are just the beauty we need right now.

  2. It is no small feat to plant that number of tulips, as I learned from a gardener in Manhattan who did it one year in a small city park. She told me they had to plant them in vertical columns, to keep them blooming. Perhaps it would be kind and gracious to learn his name and tell us. He deserves recognition, aside from the beautiful photos.

  3. I would beg to differ with you, Kathy. I believe you HAVE mastered the knack of flower photography! Even considering the weather, these blooms are just magnificent. What a joy it must be to live near this spot with such a wonderful tulip caretaker!

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