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Layover in Atlanta

Some birds are year round residents in my backyard, others are seasonal guests, and a few simply stop in for a brief layover during their cross country flights. One of my favorite birds that only lands in Atlanta for a couple … Continue reading

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Shhh…Don’t Tell The Thrasher

Don’t tell my backyard Brown Thrasher, but others are starting to sneak turns in his birdbath! Like this lovely female Bluebird who showed up yesterday for a bit of a splash. At one point, I’m pretty sure I heard her exclaim, “Look … Continue reading

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Great Blue Heron

Saw this Great Blue Heron at Berry College yesterday and felt like sharing his picture.  They are a fun bird to photograph (especially for beginners like myself) because they are both statue-like and statuesque!

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Frozen! And I’m not talking about the Disney movie!   I’m talking about the birdbath this past weekend. The birds arrived bright and early for their routine morning drink and found that the water was a solid block of ice. I’m … Continue reading

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