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I was outside filling the feeders with my two Lab assistants when “my” Red-headed Woodpecker dropped in for a visit. First he looked for peanuts in the Dogwood nook, since it was a safe distance from the dogs, but found … Continue reading

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An After Shower Bath

After one of our (many) recent rain showers, I saw this slightly disheveled Mockingbird perched on the side of the front yard birdbath. Evidently, he had already sampled the water and found it satisfactory because he opted to hop back … Continue reading

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Good Things Come…

When I first walked out into the front yard with my camera this afternoon there was very little activity – but the sun was shining and my soul was in need of a little photo-therapy, so I decided to wait … Continue reading

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The Bright Spot of Any Day

This handsome fellow with the gleaming red head is enough to brighten any day! I’m so glad he has continued to make my backyard a regular place to visit.

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Wetter Feather Weather

I didn’t intend the title to be a tongue twister…but go ahead…say it three times fast! This week held several bouts of rain, which put a bit of a damper on getting out with the camera; but eventually you just … Continue reading

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The Trail Less Taken (Adventures with Earl)

This morning, hubby and I hopped into Earl and headed off to explore one of the less traveled trails along the Chattahoochee River. ¬†It is not as popular as most of the others in the trail system, but in my … Continue reading

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Time For Dinner!

I remember when I was a kid, long before the days of cell phones, we would play outside in the neighborhood after school, or all day long during the summer months. ¬†Whether the game was freeze tag, kick-ball, or kick-the-can, … Continue reading

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