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This Is What I Was Made For

Did you ever do something that you really enjoyed, something that was totally soul-satisfying, and find yourself thinking, “I was made for this!”? Well, I’m pretty sure Tucker makes that declaration anytime he gets let loose in a creek or … Continue reading

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A Sunflower’s Second Season

I like Sunflowers when they’re standing tall, petals fanned in flames of golden glory.  They are brilliant and beautiful and although the saying goes that they practically beg to be photographed, I’d say that one pleads for the privilege of … Continue reading

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They’re Back!

Did you hear me squeal yesterday afternoon?  Because I did! I looked out my family room window and saw a bright red head peeking out from the side of the Dogwood.  He flew away when I went out with my … Continue reading

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The Hope of Easter

“I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies.” John 11:25

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Ditch The List!

This morning was one of those mornings where I decided to ditch the list, or at least delay it! I had already spent a couple of hours working on a lesson for the last chapter of Jonah (In case you … Continue reading

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Beauty Begets Beauty

I recently shared this photo of some stunning Cedar Waxwings, scavenging berries off the ground. It brings me such joy to take pictures of the beauty that God has created and then share that beauty with others.  But my joy … Continue reading

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The Present

For some, New Year’s Day is a time to be festive; for others, it’s a time to be reflective.  I tend to be one of the latter.  So, shall I include you in some of my mind’s musings this morning?  Nothing … Continue reading

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That’s Not What A King Looks Like

A couple of months ago, while on a trip to Dauphin Island, I had the joy of encountering a king – a King Fisher, that is,  perched on his throne overlooking the lake. Despite his title and his crown, his … Continue reading

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The Drizzle Hasn’t Dampened Their Appetites

The more-than-a-month long drought that has lingered in the Atlanta area has finally departed; replaced by a delightful drizzle (you won’t hear me say that often!) and occasional downpours.  The damp weather seems to have whet the appetites (pun intended) … Continue reading

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Brushstrokes of Beauty

When I downloaded this photo it almost looked like a painting to me. I can so easily see the brushstrokes on his feathers.  This makes me wish I were an artist!

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