A Sunflower’s Second Season

I like Sunflowers when they’re standing tall, petals fanned in flames of golden glory.  They are brilliant and beautiful and although the saying goes that they practically beg to be photographed, I’d say that one pleads for the privilege of taking their picture.  Truly, Sunflowers are a feast for the eyes.

But Sunflowers have a second season, where their heads are heavy and their stalks droop down and their glory fades away.  It is during this season that their beauty turns to bounty; no longer a feast for the eyes, they have become a feast for the finches.

I saw this fellow happily munching this afternoon under a canopy of sunlit leaves.  Don’t his feathers blend in perfectly?

It is always a treat to watch the Goldfinches perch and peck away at the seed.

Hmmm…perhaps there is a little something to be gleaned from the lovely Sunflower’s life.  In its younger days, it captures the spotlight and basks in the attention and admiration it receives, but as it matures it gladly bends to give strength and nourishment to others.  That’s how I hope the second season of my life is. 🙂

10 thoughts on “A Sunflower’s Second Season

    1. So – I clicked on your blog site and it looks like you had a wonderful trip to New Mexico! And I got to see Scarlett…I think she and Tucker would get along famously. 🙂

      1. Thank you! I actually live in New Mexico. I love to get away on a weekend with a friend or my husband and see our beautiful state. And yes, Scarlett and Tucker would definitely be fast friends 😁

  1. Enjoyed your parallel regarding second season of our lives. It’s a shame that when we’re young, we don’t always see the wisdom of our elders.

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