This Is What I Was Made For

Did you ever do something that you really enjoyed, something that was totally soul-satisfying, and find yourself thinking, “I was made for this!”?

Well, I’m pretty sure Tucker makes that declaration anytime he gets let loose in a creek or a lake or a river.

The boy has such unbridled joy when he dashes and splashes in the water.

And when he gets tuckered out, some lazy Lab lounging hits the spot – especially if there’s a tasty stick to chomp.

Although river romping doesn’t bring me quite the same satisfaction that it does Mr. T (although I do find it to be great fun!), I think I am moved to say, “I was made for this” when I am able to use words – spoken or written –  to bless or benefit another.

How about you?

What makes you feel like the picture above?
What makes you say, “This is what I was made for!”?

9 thoughts on “This Is What I Was Made For

  1. Creating art gives me so much JOY!! I truly believe my love for art is a gift from God. ❤️
    Love Tucker’s enthusiasm for water! 👍

  2. What great photos of Tucker. Anything I can do for others to bring them joy brings me joy. One of my favorite things to do that brings me joy is giving someone a hug…even if it is via the internet. Hugs

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