They’re Back!

Did you hear me squeal yesterday afternoon?  Because I did!
I looked out my family room window and saw a bright red head peeking out from the side of the Dogwood.  He flew away when I went out with my camera, but I spread some Bark Butter (aka – bird bait!) and settled in to wait.  It wasn’t long before he (and his lovely mate) got brave enough to investigate.

I’m fairly sure this is the same pair that showed up last April and visited  into the summer months as these birds are known to stay with the same mate and to occupy the same nesting cavity for several years in a row.

I only managed to get clear pictures of one member of the pair yesterday; the other didn’t land close enough for long enough to get a clear shot.  But isn’t he the definition of breathtaking!

I’m sure they will be back before long, as they have re-discovered the food supply.

So…if you can’t find me, odds are good I’ll be camped out with my camera waiting for these two Red-headed Woodpeckers to bless me with another photo opp.
The joys of being a backyard bird nerd!

22 thoughts on “They’re Back!

  1. YAY! Welcome back beauties! It’s been fun here, too, seeing so many of our faves return to the backyard!

    1. I think spring is the best time for taking bird pictures! The guys are sporting their finest mating colors and the green leaves give a nice background. 🙂

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