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Third Times a Charm

Twice over the course of the past year we thought we had found a companion to adopt so that Tucker could have a “sibling”, and twice it ended up not being a good fit. I had just about resigned myself … Continue reading

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All these years we thought the word was “Octoberfest”, but now that we have a Lab we have learned that it’s actually “Octoberfetch!” This morning we took Tucker for a romp at Little River, one of his many happy places, … Continue reading

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A Wonderful Water-full Weekend

What makes a wonderful weekend? Well, if you ask Tucker, it’s any weekend that involves water…and since this weekend included not one, but two river romps…well…he was one happy labramutt! Usually, when we take him to the river or to … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Mr. T

Tucker, our beautiful beast of a Lab mutt, turned one last week.  And what does one get to celebrate such an occasion? Why a sister of course! Meet Dilly (and yes, we named her after the Bud Light commercials!) a … Continue reading

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The Toddler and the Turtle

This morning, while Tucker and I were in the backyard, I saw him stop and give something a quizzical, “I’m not sure what this is” kind of look. When I glanced at the path nearby, I saw the object of … Continue reading

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The Simple Joys of Summer

Bumble Bees And Butterflies Hummingbirds And Dragonflies Vibrant colors Soaring Hawks Curling tongues And “tuckered” dogs The simple joys that summer brings Beautiful blossoms and lovely wings

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Black with a Splash of Red

Photography time has been limited lately, with the addition of a playful pup to the mix. Still, I try to head out when I can and see who shows up and is willing to pose for a picture. This Red-winged … Continue reading

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