The Toddler and the Turtle

This morning, while Tucker and I were in the backyard, I saw him stop and give something a quizzical, “I’m not sure what this is” kind of look.

When I glanced at the path nearby, I saw the object of his attention – a handsome box turtle meandering along.

I guess since I didn’t seemed to be alarmed by this new guest, Tucker figured it was safe for him to investigate.

At first I was afraid that the turtle would be seen as a new Tucker toy, but my curious canine was surprisingly gentle. Whenever he did get a little too close for comfort, the turtle did what turtles do and simply retreated into his shell a bit more fully.

Then Tucker would sit and stare at it with his forehead all wrinkled…

…and occasionally glance over at me for some sort of reassurance that this was indeed a welcome visitor to the backyard.

I have to say, this fellow was one of the least timid turtles I have ever encountered.Β  He never stayed tucked away for long.

And every now and then, my 70-plus-pound toddler, would sneak back over to investigate some more.

There is something so beautiful about a turtle’s shell, don’t you think?

And speaking of beautiful…

…isn’t my boy turning into a beautiful beast?!

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