Queen Elizabeth Meets Dixie Belle

I just got back from spending several days with my folks and their Goldendoodle, Dixie Belle.

I took Queen Elizabeth (the lens I introduced in a recent post) along for the ride in case I had the chance to take any bird pictures, since Mom and Dad are fellow birdnerds. It didn’t take Dixie long at all though to inform me that any pictures to be taken would include her and a ball.

It might be a blue ball…

It might be an orange ball…

And it might be a purple ball…

But it would not be a green ball. For whatever reason, the green ball was rejected every time. Perhaps because it is slightly bigger, or perhaps because Miss Dixie definitely has a mind of her own!

We played ball in the morning hours…

And we played ball as the sun was setting…

And then, when we were both dog tired and ready for bed, she did her best to convince me that there was plenty of room for both of us in my bed.

Looking back, it only makes sense to have had the Queen with me on my visit, since Dixie is definitely a sweet but pampered Princess!

6 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Meets Dixie Belle

  1. Oh she’s adorable. At our lake house in Alabama a neighbor had a dog named Carson that looked just like her, same color, only difference was that he had a little stubby tail. He was the neighborhood dog, went from house to house to get ears rubbed, tummy tickled…and treats. He loved to chase fish in the shallows of the lake and was often covered in red mud. He must have gotten a bath (maybe a shower with his dad) every day because he smelled, all the time, like Irish Spring soap. Sadly he died a couple years ago. The whole neighborhood grieved. Your princess is beautiful.

      1. The 300mm was tough with her! I had to throw the ball the distance of the yard and then focus fast before she got too close! Wasn’t the best lens choice for sure, but the challenge made it fun. (And I used my cell phone for the indoor shot. 😊)

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