Black with a Splash of Red

Photography time has been limited lately, with the addition of a playful pup to the mix. Still, I try to head out when I can and see who shows up and is willing to pose for a picture.

This Red-winged Blackbird has been one of the most frequent visitors this week.  I love when you can see the splash of red that is on his wings.

Hearing that the theme was “black with a splash of red,” Tucker (who already doesn’t like to be left out of anything!) decided to get in on the action, only he took the splash part literally!

This fellow is too cute…bursts of badness, but still cute!

10 thoughts on “Black with a Splash of Red

  1. That’s a great toy for tug, fetch, catch, etc. I know I’m weird, but I like the way it smells.

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