Labs at the Lake

Last September, we rented a house on Moss Lake in North Carolina and had such a wonderful time that we made a return visit.

Tucker……aka “the Beast”…

…LOVES, LOVES, LOVES, romping in the water.

It’s as if you can hear him yelling, “I was made for this!”

Chaco……aka “Beauty”…

…loves the land, and the lake…

…but especially loves her Daddy!

She is the perfect dock dog, greeting any boat that travels by and keeping a vigilant watch on the geese.

The duo obliged me with a few posed pics…

…but mostly they raced and chased and then snoozed in the sun.

And by the way, the mutts weren’t the only ones to enjoy the get-away. You’re never too old for a monkey swing, right?

Ahhh….Labs at the lake…that’s definitely my kind of fun!

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