Bringing Birds to Your Backyard – Day One

A fellow blogger recently asked if I would write a post and share some ideas on how to attract backyard birds.  As I pondered her request, and brain-stormed a bit, five thoughts came to mind – some quite basic and others a little more creative. Instead of writing one long rambling post, I decided to share a tip a day for the next five days.  So, without further ado…


I know that sounds like common sense, but if you offer a variety of food choices you will attract a variety of birds.  My backyard is basically a bird buffet, but there are four “must haves” that I put out every day:

1) Black oil sunflower seeds

White-breasted Nuthatch

2) Peanuts (straight off the grocery store shelf)

Carolina Wren

3) Bark Butter ( a suet type spread that is sold at Wild Birds Unlimited – the birds LOVE this stuff!)

Male Eastern Bluebird feeding a fledgling

4) A quality seed mixture.  I use the National Audubon Society’s Supreme Blend, which I pick up at the local Walmart.

Northern Cardinal – female

I promise…if you put these out, you will have happy birds!





5 thoughts on “Bringing Birds to Your Backyard – Day One

  1. Mom and Dad add dried meal worms, peanut butter nuggets and a fruit and nut blend of seeds but then this house is “for the birds”

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