The Peanut Dance

Several days ago I posted a picture of a Red-bellied Woodpecker grabbing a peanut from the feeding trough. Since then, he has shown up on a regular basis, and has perfected his skills in peanut piracy. He surveys the scene from the safety of a nearby tree limb; lands on the backside of the deck rail; pops his head up over the ledge; then quickly snares a peanut and flies off to gobble it up. He makes one trip after another until he has had his fill of plunder or there is none left to be taken.


When I put the series of photos together, it looked like he was doing a line dance of sorts.  Something like this –

To the left…


To the right…


Look up…


Turn around…


See what I mean?

In my strange imagination, I can now see a whole line of birds doing “the peanut dance” on my deck rail. I think I’d better close here and go get a cup of afternoon coffee before my mind turns to total mush!

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