Permission to Trespass

There is a wetland area in my neighborhood that is home to a wealth of wildlife, and when the beavers build a dam it turns into a rather lovely lake. I have been itching to get back there and take some pictures; unfortunately, I’d have to ignore the “No Trespassing” sign to do so.


The other day, I was talking to one of the nice neighbors whose backyard is next to the lake, and she gave me permission to bring my camera and disregard the sign. Can you say kid in a candy shop?

So, although the fireworks were delightful, the highlight of my Fourth of July weekend was hanging out with this Green Heron. Isn’t he cool looking?



A Blue Heron also made an appearance…


…as well as this well-fed coyote


…and this Red-tailed Hawk.


Sadly, the coyote and the hawk were on the other side of the lake – well past my camera’s ability to capture them with clarity. I have to confess, this stirred within me an intense level of zoom envy! I currently use a CanonSX50HS, which I love in most circumstances. Does anyone have a suggestion on what would be a good camera/lens for taking pictures of those creatures that are a good distance away?

I’ll close with one last Green Heron photo. Hope you all had a lovely weekend!






5 thoughts on “Permission to Trespass

  1. What a great place! It seems that your camera dos a fine job of telephoto at a distance. I’m not sure you could do any better by investing substantial $$ for a 500mm+ lens, and the problem with big lenses is that they invariably require a tripod to get really sharp photos (hard to hand hold). I say stick with your current camera that does such a good job and find a way to get closer, like a blind or a lure of some sort (a perch, or a call) for the really shy birds. Check out the tips from sparky at like this one:

  2. Thanks. I think I will stick with what I have, and wait to see if rumors of Canon putting out an SX60 with more zoom ever materialize. I love the portability of my cameral. And thanks for the link…I checked it out and will now be following it. 🙂

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