A Change Of Scenery

The activity at my feeders has slowed down a bit lately, so last week I opted for a change of scenery. I packed up my camera, slipped on my Merrells, and spent a morning meandering along the Chattahoochee River. Now, I am one who loves going to church, but I must say that the beauty of nature is my preferred sanctuary, and the sound of birds singing with the melody of the river in the background is my favorite worship music – true soul nourishment!

While I was there, most of the birds were playing hide and seek with me. They were hiding…I was seeking…and they were winning, but I did manage to snap a few photos along the way. Like this Eastern Phoebe…


…and this Eastern Bluebird.

I also got a picture of a bird that was new to me. It was quite flitty, darting about from branch to branch., well camouflaged amidst the leaves and the sunlight. It had an olive colored back, a creamy front with a matching eye-ring, and black and yellow bars on its wings.   I am wondering if it was a Least Flycatcher – any thoughts?

At one point I went down a side trail and stumbled across some Mallards snoozing in the sun.

They woke up when my camera clicked, but didn’t seem all that disturbed by my presence.

It was a lovely day, capped off by a glorious sunset that I enjoyed from my own front yard. There is something rather poetic about the silhouette of tree tops against an evening sky, don’t you think?









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  1. Kathy, I LOVE your photography. It is so wonderful to get to see birds whose beauty we wouldn’t get to enjoy otherwise through the lens of your camera. I especially appreciate these sunset pictures.

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