The Cause of the Clatter

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter
I sprang from my house to see what was the matter
Threw open the screen door and ran to the deck
While murmuring under my breath, “What the heck?”
Then what did my wondering eyes chance to see
But a Red-shouldered Hawk perched up high in a tree
He sat but a moment then quickly he flew
But I managed to snap off a picture or two
And when he had gone all the other birds cheered
And returned to the feeders with no need to fear.




Okay…so there really wasn’t much springing, running, or murmuring…but a Red-shouldered Hawk did cause quite a commotion in my backyard this afternoon. When I heard a chorus of birds all screeching and squawking in alarm, I walked outside with my camera in hand to see what was happening. I saw this hawk sitting in the sunshine, looking for his lunch, and managed to snap off three quick pictures before he flew away.

Once he left, the “regulars” returned and got back to their eating and drinking, which had clearly been rudely interrupted.

Tufted Titmouse
Brown Thrasher
Pine Warbler
Carolina Chickadee
Northern Cardinal

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      1. I hope that idea helped you and your birds. I’ve been using them for years. Birds seem to like them better that other feeders.:)

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