Warbler Wednesday

A female Pine Warbler stopped in and helped herself to a leisurely drink of water.  Isn’t she a beauty!  If her color was a Crayola crayon (in the cool 64 pack with the sharpener on the back) it would have to be “buttery buff.”


I love these little birds. They make me smile when I hear them in the backyard, singing their hearts out. Their song sounds like it starts in their toes, warbles its way up through their body, and doesn’t stop until it cascades out of their beak.



When she finished at the water dish, she flew over to the “bark butter branch” for a bite to eat. If you’ve stopped in at this blog before, you probably know that I smear a suet-like spread on the back side of the branch for the bird’s dining pleasure.  Makes for a nice photo spot.

warbler4In case you’re curious, I’ll include a picture of a male Pine Warbler so you can see the difference in coloring. This fellow stopped by earlier in the week. Like many male birds, he is bolder and brighter than the female. Perhaps his Crayola color would be “electric lemon-lime” or “gleaming gold”…any other thoughts?


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