When In Rome…Say Hey To The Horses

Sunday morning I woke up while the sun while still in its pajamas.  I sat in my big comfy bed and sipped Green Mountain coffee while I pondered a passage from the book of James.  After praying that my faith would be more than mere words, I got dressed, grabbed my camera, and headed to Berry’s mountain campus.  And so begins the sequel to yesterday’s post…

My desired destination was the stables, but I had to stop on the way and snap a quick picture of this deer.  She raised her head long enough to decide I wasn’t a threat, and then resumed nibbling the grass in the murky morning light.


Once I got to the Equestrian area, I turned onto the gravel road (trying to convince my Bug that she is a fierce off road vehicle) and pulled over by the first pasture.  I leaned against the fence and started snapping pictures of a horse that reminded me of Cochise, the horse that belonged to Little Joe (be still my heart!) from Bonanza.

cochise1cochise2As I was busy clicking my Canon, this big fellow ambled over for some attention.  Sleepy eyed and sporting a bit of a bed head, he had grass clippings clinging to the side of his face.  He was a loveable mess, and didn’t mind in the least when I pet him and brushed off his breakfast.

bedhead1bedhead2As I made my way to the next pasture, several deer stood and watched me.  They were alert, but unafraid of my presence.  Berry deer are definitely used to people!

deer2deer3These two beautiful beasts saw me approaching their paddock and hurried over to investigate.  Aren’t they stunning?




The male walked around making that snorting, air-blowing, raspberry sound that horses make, which I later learned is called “nickering”…



…while his companion (I didn’t check the gender, but I’m going to go ahead and say female because her mane was to die for!) was content to graze in the damp grass.

lovely lady1

lovely lady2

She’s too pretty to not post another picture!


Being in the midst of such majesty was a wonderful way to start the day!

Tune in tomorrow for yet another “When In Rome” post, this time starring a pair of mating Mallards!





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  1. Sounds like a fun day! 🙂 Do you have a deer problem in your own garden? Thus far I’ve been location-lucky but know several people for whom that is a constant battle.

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