Dangerous And Delicate

I went for a walk at Rope Mill Park this morning (along with hubby and daughter) and while we were there we encountered this snake, meandering along the paved path.  I’m pretty sure it was a Copperhead, although I don’t know snakes very well.  I do think they are cool – from a distance, that is.



We also saw this beautiful butterfly, which I later learned is a Gulf Fritillary.  Normally, you picture butterflies fluttering about lovely flowers, but they also frequently land on animal dung (oo0h…gross) to suck up minerals they can’t get from nectar.


After a bit, this fellow flew and sunned himself on some nearby leaves.


According to my Stokes Butterfly Book – which I love – butterflies bask in the sun to try and keep their body temperatures between 85-100F.  If they get too cold or damp, they have a hard time flying.


I love that he has a beautiful design on both sides of his wings.

And a good time was had by all. 🙂

15 thoughts on “Dangerous And Delicate

  1. I don’t like snakes but your butterflies are so beautiful! Love the colors and patterns on their wings! Enjoyed your post as always! 💜

    1. I like snakes from a distance…and now that I have taken up photography, I am fascinated by butterflies. Thanks for always responding with such encouraging words! 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, that snake would have had me frozen until it had gone far far away, LOL. That said… I have never seen a snake other than in a zoo or similar setting. Not even a garter snake! The fritillary is beautiful; I’ve never seen one of those in person either. 😦

  3. That last photo of the butterfly – stunning!! What a perfect capture!

    While up north this past weekend, our one beagles found a garter snake while it was in the process of consuming a wood frog. The poor little frog was squeaking like a hurt bird. My husband had gone to investigate and I was nearby so he told me what was happening. I chose NOT to look or take a photo. I have gotten good pictures of other snakes, but I don’t wish to record one while it’s eating a frog. LOL

      1. Most definitely! Also, they hold great life application for us humans. I remember a teaching Joyce Meyer did years ago, about the cycle of the butterfly and what we can learn from it. The part that stuck with me was about when the butterfly emerges from the cocoon, the struggle they must go through to get released from the cocoon and how it makes them stronger. If a person tries to “help” them, they will die. She related it to our struggles and how if we rely on God, they make us stronger. I can’t remember the whole thing, but it was very powerful when I heard it at the time!

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