Birds Aren’t The Only Ones With Wings To Spread

We interrupt this bird blog to say congratulations to my son, Kraig, who graduated from Reinhardt University yesterday.

Kraig with the gown and cords.
Kraig with his Mom (That would be me!)
Family photo

And now he gets to spread his wings and continue to pursue his dreams with a graduate assistant position.  I am a proud Mama. 🙂

We now return to our regularly scheduled bird blogging…

26 thoughts on “Birds Aren’t The Only Ones With Wings To Spread

  1. A Wonderful moment in your family life! Congratulations to your son, it is evident from the photo that he has been raised in a beautiful warm loving environment Happy mother’s day to you Kathy!

  2. Many Congratulations Kathy! Best wishes to him 💐 what a pleasant way to celebrate Mother’s Day!

    1. The last four years has been quite the journey. I have much to be thankful for! And now, we turn the page and see what lies ahead…

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