Layover in Atlanta

Some birds are year round residents in my backyard, others are seasonal guests, and a few simply stop in for a brief layover during their cross country flights.

One of my favorite birds that only lands in Atlanta for a couple of days each year is the Rose-breasted Grosbeak.  When these guys show up, I drop everything and run for the camera!

This handsome male with his lovely mate (you can see how different their color tones are!) just stopped in to fuel up for the rest of their journey.

grosbeak1 femalegrosbeak1

They’ve been playing a bit of hide and seek with me, but I did manage to get a few photos.

grosbeak3 femalegrosbeak2

It’s easy to see why I love these beauties!


24 thoughts on “Layover in Atlanta

  1. I live in SW Ohio and this is the first year we have noticed these birds at our feeders. The color patterns on the males are gorgeous when sitting still as well as when flying. They’ve been around for about a week so maybe, but I don’t know if they are just passing through or if they will be here all summer. None of the neighbors remember seeing them in these parts before, either, so we’ve been snapping pictures like crazy. However, your photos are head and shoulders above ours. Thanks for showcasing these lovely birds!

    1. Aren’t they beautiful! I looked it up, and it seems like Ohio is right at the border of where they spend their summers. So glad you are getting to enjoy them. 🙂

  2. He’s an extremely handsome fellow. She, a little drab as with so many bird species. Wonder if there are any with beautiful females and drab males?

      1. Is it much cooler than normal in GA too? Maybe that’s why it’s taking them longer. We’ve seen NO hummingbirds yet, which is highly unusual! But it’s so chilly. (Not that I mind, as I am a heat/humidity hater, but it’s really strange for May!) You got some terrific shots. I was sketching the male last night. ❤

  3. Such amazing colors on the male! These are a rare sight at the lake and I’m always in awe, like you when I see one! They are more brown and orange here. 💕😃

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