No Such Thing As A Gray Day

There’s really no such thing as a gray day in my backyard.
Sure, the skies might be dull and overcast, but that just seems to make the bold colors of the birds all the more brilliant.

Pine Warbler
Red-bellied Woodpecker
Blue Jay
Northern Cardinal

Still, in the spirit of keeping things real, there was a bit or unwelcome gray to my day…

Gray Squirrel

…but that gray was soon chased away to make room for brighter feathers.

18 thoughts on “No Such Thing As A Gray Day

  1. Love your pictures, as always, Kathy. I see all those and more except for the pine warblers. Do you have any information on what I can do to attract them to my Backyard Bird Buffet?

    1. The Pine Warblers in my yard seem to come mostly for Bark Butter and water. I have several branches strapped to my deck that I spread the Bark Butter on, so maybe that has a natural feel to them. They might hang about because my backyard is fairly wooded.

  2. Our colorful birds are pretty faded this time of year. The goldfinches are nearly white and the house finches have lost a lot of their red blush. We do get the occasional blue jay to brighten our day.

  3. Loving the back shot detail of wings on the first bird Kathy. No grey days if a bird is present, because all you have to do is listen to their song and the world sparkles.

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