The Stall Wall

I met a friend for lunch yesterday at Semper Fi, a bar and grille owned and operated (you guessed it) by former marines.  The food was delicious and the company was delightful, but I did come away with the conclusion that marines know more about valor than decor!

You see, after a glass and a half of lemonade, I was in need of a visit to the ladies room, which turned out to be a single stall whose wall was plastered with pictures of bare-chested, muscle-bound firemen.  Anyway, the photos got me thinking – not about the firemen – I’ll stick with my handsome hubby – but about the many gorgeous guys that I see on a daily basis in my own backyard.

Here’s some of the eye candy that has showed up lately.

While I doubt I’ll be decorating the stall wall with these fine feathered fellows, they did seem worthy of WordPress. 🙂

15 thoughts on “The Stall Wall

  1. I think I know all of them except for the one with the white on edge of wings and a little on breast. What is he/she please ? Thank you.

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