Keeping Planters In Production

If you were to analyze the amount of peanuts that I purchase, you might come to the conclusion that my life purpose is to keep Planters in production!

Although I do confess to spending more than I care to admit on peanuts, I am certainly not the main culprit when it comes to consuming them.  That title belongs to my backyard Blue Jays.

bluejay4 bluejay3 bluejay9

As soon as I fill the trays, these fellows show up and load up!

bluejay5 bluejay7 bluejay8

I have personally seen them pick up at least a dozen peanuts in one sitting.  One of the reasons they can stuff so many in at once is that they have a pouch in their throat that is kind of like a grocery bag.  They can load up the goods and then take them away to hide or to munch.

bluejay1 bluejay2 bluejay6

Once their pouch is packed and their beak is stacked, they fly off with the plunder in a blur of blue feathers.


Planters certainly produces a delicious people snack, but I wonder if they know that it makes even better Blue Jay bait!

18 thoughts on “Keeping Planters In Production

  1. Ha ha ! We have only 1 pair of Blue Jays and not seen very often. However ! The main peanut pilferers we have here are the many Tufted Titmouses. Yes. They grab all the peanuts they can and very quickly. Am trying to get peanuts out to the few Carolina Wrens (2) we have here as they can only eat peanuts and meal worms. (This is of course because they only eat bugs).

    Other fans of the peanuts include the Nuthatches though they enjoy sunflower seeds also. I don’t mind that the little Titmouses get the peanuts, as long as the few Carolina Wrens get enough to keep them going ! We buy the the “Scott Pet” 8# bags of peanuts from Tractor Supply.

  2. I did not know about their “grocery bag” pouch. Chipmunks can also grab an amazing amount of peanuts before taking off.

  3. brilliant study of the Blue Jays, a bird we don’t see in England, thanks for all you share, blessings, Tai

  4. Thanks for the reminder, Kathy – to buy peanuts and put some out at the salt marsh…the Blue Jays are there, but close to impossible to ‘shoot’. Now I’ve put them on my shopping list.

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