Middle School Mentality

When I was in middle school (or junior high, as it was called back then) our cafeteria used to sell packets that contained two large chocolate chip cookies – a favorite of most everyone in the lunchroom.  Without fail, as soon as someone arrived at the table with one of the coveted packets in hand, others would begin begging for a bite.  In an effort to silence these requests, some students would remove the cookies from the wrapper and promptly lick them on both sides, thus securing for themselves sole ownership.

Well, I believe the Mockingbird that has been visiting my backyard has a similar mentality when it comes to the Bark Butter branch.  Although I haven’t seen him lick it (yet!) I have seen him simply stand in the middle of the coveted spread, thus proclaiming it as his personal possession.

After facing one direction, he will turn his bossy self around and ward off any potential partakers from the other direction.

Back and forth he turns, even giving me a bit of an evil eye.

Occasionally he pauses to grab a quick nibble…

…and then it’s back to guarding his food from intruders.

Yep…pretty sure this fellow would have fit in just fine in middle school!

12 thoughts on “Middle School Mentality

  1. Kathy, how do you keep squirrels from eating all of the bark butter? We have squirrel-proof feeders that work, and I would like to try bark butter. Don’t squirrels like it?

  2. He surely seems to own that ‘table’. I wonder if he’ll mature after graduating from middle school 🙂

    1. We have a pair of Mockingbirds that have nested in the front Cyprus and are making frequent visits to the backyard for food and water. They seem to enjoy being bossy!

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