Losing Feathers and Losing Teeth

It’s that time of year where several of my backyard birds have started to molt, losing some of their old worn out feathers and replacing them with fresh new ones.

Some do it gradually, and end up looking a bit scruffy, like this Blue Jay…

…while others (like this Cardinal) drop their feathers in chunks, and end up looking scary ugly!

Meanwhile, as my birds are losing feathers, Tucker is losing his puppy teeth.  This makes him want to chew, chew, and then chew some more.

Today, I let him run around the backyard with a hard plastic aloe container, which brought him great delight.

In between serious bouts of teething, he would jump in the fountain and channel his inner Cujo!

Eventually, he opted to simply take the container into the fountain.

My birds are losing their feathers, my dog is losing his puppy teeth, and I’m pretty sure I am losing my mind!  Ah well, life is good!

24 thoughts on “Losing Feathers and Losing Teeth

  1. Your pictures of birds molting are very good – educational 🙂 I start seeing the same here. Your puppy is adorable!

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