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Helping “Hands”

I’ve heard it said that everyone could use a helping hand…but helping hounds? I’m thinking not so much! These two “helpers’ are having to learn that as much as Mommy loves her labs, she also wants time with her lens.  … Continue reading

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Third Times a Charm

Twice over the course of the past year we thought we had found a companion to adopt so that Tucker could have a “sibling”, and twice it ended up not being a good fit. I had just about resigned myself … Continue reading

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The Best of Buds

Meet Finn. Finn is Tucker’s best bud who got to come for his first sleepover this weekend. When these two boisterous boys get together it’s a toy tugging… …birdbath drinking… …mulch wrestling… …fountain lounging… …crazed romping kind of day. They … Continue reading

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Pooch at the Hooch

We took Tucker for a walk along the Chattahoochee River this morning. The first part of the journey was abounding with birds – like this Great Blue Heron who came soaring by… …then skidded to a landing… …then situated himself … Continue reading

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The Toddler and the Turtle

This morning, while Tucker and I were in the backyard, I saw him stop and give something a quizzical, “I’m not sure what this is” kind of look. When I glanced at the path nearby, I saw the object of … Continue reading

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Red Top Romp

We took Tucker to Red Top Mountain over the weekend.  This state park is only about 25 minutes from our house and offers several wooded trails with access to Lake Allatoona.  It is fast becoming one of Tucker’s favorite romping … Continue reading

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The Bounty of the Backyard

The juvenile Woodpeckers have definitely been enjoying the bounty of the backyard. Like this young male Red-bellied who stopped in for a bite of Bark Butter. He was happily munching until this grumpy Grackle showed up… …at which point the … Continue reading

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