Labor Day Lab Life

I think Labor Day is Tucker’s favorite holiday, and it’s not because Retrievers are a working dog breed (trust me, that is not the case for him!) but rather because the weather is cool enough for hiking but warm enough for playing in the water.

Today we took him to the trails at Lake Allatoona and our beautiful beast (I know, l am slightly biased!) had a blast!

His routine went pretty much like this: wait, fetch, return, repeat.

The water started off mildly muddy, but got progressively clay colored as his romping and retrieving continued.

By the end, the area near the shore was major-league muddy, which didn’t phase him in the least. ย I mean, let’s face it, this fellow finds it delightful to dive into mud puddles!

Tucker was definitely loving the lab life with all the leaping, lunging, and occasional lounging. ย And like any toddler, he refused to admit when he was tired out.

I think I’ll close with my favorite picture of the day and simply say…

Happy Tails to you! ย And happy Labor Day too. ๐Ÿ™‚

12 thoughts on “Labor Day Lab Life

  1. Wonderful action shots! He’s having a total blast! Happy labor day to you as well! We are taking Scarlett to hike along a river. She will look just like these pics! Lol!

  2. Tucker loving life.
    Love every moment of this sort of bliss with him. And thank you for letting us experience his pure joy. I miss my old dog & his love of our backyard ball games.

    1. I think he is finally starting to realize that we aren’t going to abandon him. Poor guy had a rough start, but he is indeed enjoying life now. ๐Ÿ™‚

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