Stained Glass Wings

As Irma drops branches in my backyard (I’m hoping some are good for Bark Butter!) I am processing pictures from this past week and thought I’d share this majestic Monarch that dropped in.

Monarchs are not common visitors to my front yard, so I was thrilled when this beauty stopped by to enjoy the blossoms.

There is something about its stained glass wing appearance that ushers in a bit of reverence.

This particular Monarch was rather flitty and preferred a wings-closed posture while nipping at the nectar; but every once in awhile it would leave its wings spread for a split second while landing, so I managed to snap a couple shots.

In this end of summer season when my birds aren’t looking their finest (many are molting!) it is nice to have the butterflies to photograph.

I know there is a lot of brokenness in this world we live in, but I’m grateful there’s an abundance of beauty too. šŸ™‚

17 thoughts on “Stained Glass Wings

  1. Thank you for beautiful photos of these magnificent creatures. I hope enough of our species will treasure them to advocate for them. I haven’t seen any yet in Asheville, NC, but hope to soon.

  2. I love these photos! You are a wonder, thank you for sharing! I have only seen one monarch this year, so strange! We usually see quite a few. My milkweed had died and was late getting it in.

  3. OH my, I forgot that you are in Georgia. I do hope that Irma does not make it your door! Stay safe!

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