The Calendar Crew

For the last post of 2017, it only seemed fitting to share the birds that got selected for the coming year’s calendar – a gift that I make for my folks each Christmas.

January – Blue Jay
February – Red-bellied Woodpecker
March – Cedar Waxwing
April – Northern Mockingbird
May – Tufted Titmouse
June – Red-headed Woodpecker
July – Eastern Bluebird
August – Ruby-throated Hummingbird
September – Blue-headed Vireo
October – Yellow-rumped Warbler
November – Pine Warbler
December – Northern Cardinal

Happy New Year – and may 2018 be filled with beautiful blessings!

26 thoughts on “The Calendar Crew

  1. Thanks again for the beautiful calander. We enjoy it every month.. We feel so blessed to have such a special daughter Sad that Grandma doesn’t get to show hers off but I know she is looking down and enjoying it.*

  2. What a special gift – sharing one’s love and talent. Looking forward to 2018 photos. Wishing you and your loved ones wellness and lots of fun adventures in 2018.

  3. That was an impressive crew, Kathy! And what a brilliant idea. Happy New Year to you and family. May it bring you many blessings.

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