Starting the Year off Right

As I sat drinking my coffee in the early hours of a brand new year, I jotted down ten things that I wanted to do more of in 2018, and of course, taking more pictures made the list.

So, as soon as it was light enough, I bundled up, filled the feeders, and took my camera out to the deck.

This Mockingbird was the first to arrive…

…flitting from feeder to feeder, helping himself to the fresh supply of food.

 Butter-butts (aka Yellow-rumped Warblers) darted here and there, too busy patrolling to do much partaking.

A White-breasted Nuthatch and a male Cardinal dropped in for a peanut…

…while a Blue Jay eyed me from the tree branch.

My Blue Jays (as of late) have been uncharacteristically reluctant to come to the feeders while I am outside, but this fellow decided the reward outweighed the risk and was soon packing away the peanuts with gusto.

With the temperature below freezing, a sweet Chickadee was grateful for the heated water dish…

…while others braved the icy water in the backyard fountain.

Several Pine Warblers of differing personalities popped in…

…as well as a Red-bellied Woodpecker, who made trip after trip to the Bark Butter Branch.

So here’s to a new year filled with the blessing of much beauty; mine is certainly off to a great start!

14 thoughts on “Starting the Year off Right

  1. so beautiful! So glad photographing your backyard birds made the top ten. Now…. what are the other nine? 🙂

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