Worth The Wait

I’ve been waiting, and watching, and wondering if my favorite migrator, the Rose-breasted Grosbeak, was going to pay a visit this year.  Then yesterday morning, I looked out the window and there he was!

I only had a few minutes before I had to leave the house, so I snapped off a few shots with the hopes that he would return later in the day.  Thankfully, he did just that.

Whereas the male Grosbeak is bold and striking…

…his female counterpart, who also made an appearance, tends to be more delicate and demure, both in tones and in temperament.

Isn’t she lovely?

Although she kept her distance while I was outside, he seemed rather curious about me and not the least bit shy.

At one point, I tried to see how close he would let me get, but he didn’t seem the least bit concerned by the lady with the giant lens.  I guess he decided that the hand that is feeding him must be friend and not foe.

Anyway, I wanted to get this close up of his face so that you could see the cool ring around his eye.  It kind of reminded me of a camera.

He has been at the feeders constantly since he arrived, crunching and munching and feasting away with a beak that is built for just such a task.

He is definitely going to be well nourished when he starts the next leg of his journey.

I know he won’t be here long, so I am planning on enjoying every moment of his visit.

And although he arrived later in the season than usual, it was definitely worth the wait!

30 thoughts on “Worth The Wait

  1. Wonderful photos! A beautiful pair of birds. I have longed to see this species. It was worth the wait for you and it will be for me too someday. Lovely close up photo!

  2. What beautiful captures Kathie, that lens is paying off for you, and see how the smaller depth pf field gives a nicely blurred background further highlighting you subject.

  3. Benjamin is going to be ecstatic when he sees these Rose-breasted Grosbeaks on Monday. I have never seen this bird before, he is stunning! May I just tell you that your new lens enables you to capture magnificent details…amazing addition. Thank-you so very much for sharing these marvelous photos.

  4. Great pictures of these lovely birds. I was so excited a few years ago the first time they came to my yard. Thank you for sharing these wonderful captures, I have not seen any Grosbeaks as yet this year.

    1. I only get to see them for a couple of days out of the year when they are passing through during migration. They are truly breathtaking.

      1. They sure are with those colors. That’s a shame they don’t linger, but migration trips to the feeder works too. I am enjoying your bird photos and you’ll be sure to get even more with your new lens.

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