It’s Time To Tone My Triceps

I hate to admit it, but I’m at that age and stage where whatever firmness my arm muscles once possessed has vanished without a trace.  But rather than succumb to this flabby fate without a fight, I’ve decided to take action.  I am determined to tone up my triceps.

Now, I’m not one who is enamored with gym memberships…or home workout equipment…or CrossFit…or exercise in general…but I found something on Amazon that I think is going to do the trick.  It’s a 7 pound arm weight that I won’t mind lifting in the least.

The UPS man delivered it straight to my door earlier this week.  Here is a picture so you can get an idea of the strenuous lifting I’ll be doing!

Yep…its’a new lens!  And this thing is a beast.  I have been drooling over this lovely lens for quite some time, but it felt too extravagant and indulgent to actually get one.  Lucky for me, I happen to have a hubby who loves me and insisted the time had come to bring this baby home.  I put up a bit of a argument, but not much!

I’ve only had a few minutes to try it out, but here are the first-fruits of my arm flab reduction commitment.

First…this Blue Jay who popped in for some peanuts.

Then, this Nuthatch who grabbed a quick drink.  If you happen to be a painter, do me a favor and click on this fellow’s photo to get an enlarged picture.  His feathers are just beckoning to become brushstrokes!

And finally, this beautiful Cardinal.  The pics of this glorious guy are ones that would have been blurry with my other lens.

Ah…who knew working out could be so much fun!


28 thoughts on “It’s Time To Tone My Triceps

  1. Fantastic photos with that new lens. You are so right about a painter loving those feathers. Thank you for sharing these.

  2. Great lens Kathie, I use the same, it will reduce your depth of field, but it gets shots the others fail to get. Also the L series being glass and steel gives superior images to the generics. I finally purchased a camera sling, it’s the solution rather than the neck strap. 😊

    1. That’s part of what I love too. When I download the pictures and can look at the birds up close, there are so many details I would otherwise miss.

  3. Beautiful shots! And I endorse your weight-lifting routine. I also just read–on Facebook, so it must be true–that reading burns MANY more calories than, say, watching TV. What do you think of a combination of reading and snapping as the new exercise routine????

    1. That sounds like a winning combo to me. Now, could you get to work on finding the wine sipping, coffee drinking, and chocolate eating component to our rigorous regiment? Then I think we’d be set!

  4. We can already see the exercise paying off, Kathy! 😀
    Congratulations on your new equipment. I am sure you (and we) will get loads of enjoyment from it.

  5. We are on the exactly same exercise regimen, Kathy! I feel it in my arms…a long hike with that baby feels a few days 🙂 And it’s a great lens!

      1. No, I rarely carry it when we go to the dog park, which was the case on Wednesday … too much dust, sand and jumping there. I take it on my ‘photo outings’ when the dog park is not in the plans. Often end up walking a few miles with it. Mine is simply “lens baby” 🙂

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