Weekends Are Meant For Water

For some folks it’s a time for errands, while for others it’s a time for entertainment.
Some opt to grab a little rest and relaxation, while others catch up on some housework or yard work.
But if you’re a Lab (mine included!) weekends are meant for water!

This morning, we took Tucker to the White Water trail along the Chattahoochee River – a place that has become an unofficial dog park because of its long stretch of shallow shoreline.

There was much romping and racing and neon green toy chasing!

And occasionally, there were some deep spots where a bit of swimming was required – doggy paddle, of course!

There’s only one thing more fun than river romping and that’s river romping with friends!
Today’s playmates were Zoe…

…and Jerry, who loved getting to share Tucker’s toys!

The three amigos had a grand time together!

If you’ve ever seen Field of Dreams (and you must if you haven’t!) Shoeless Joe Jackson asks Kevin Costner’s character, “Is this heaven?” And the reply is given, “No. It’s Iowa.”  Well, I’m pretty sure Tucker echoes the question whenever we go to this particular canine paradise.

Such a fun way to spend a Saturday morning!

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