First Hummer of the Summer

Okay…so it’s technically not summer yet…but for the sake of a rhyming title, I am taking the liberty of welcoming the season a few days early.

And I did indeed get a picture of my first hummer of the summer today, only it wasn’t a Hummingbird…

…it was a Hummingbird Moth!

The first time I ever saw one of these interesting insects I had no idea what it was.  It seemed to me a cross between a Hummingbird and a Bumble Bee, so I turned to the wisdom of Google and discovered its true identity.

Being a moth, it has 6 legs, 4 wings, a pair of antennae, a straw-like proboscis, and a fuzzy body…but it hovers and flies like a Hummingbird.

How about a view from each angle?  Here’s the front view…

…here’s the rear view…

…and here’s a view from the side.

He spent quite awhile gathering nectar at the Butterfly Bush this afternoon.

He would sip and slurp and then curl up his tongue and flit to the next flower.

I find these cool creatures fascinating to watch…especially now that I know they don’t have a stinger!

22 thoughts on “First Hummer of the Summer

  1. Two days ago I would have said that I had never seen a Hummingbird Moth. On Wednesday, Benjamin and I were taking my daughter’s dog for the morning constitutional and walked past some blooming Rhododendron shrubs. Benjamin spotted it first and thought it was a “teeny baby bird” as it darted in and around the flowers. We could faintly hear the sounds of it’s wings and I noticed that it had several legs. I realized that it was a Hummingbird Moth, only because I had read about them and saw photos several weeks ago. We stood and watched the tiny creature move flower to flower and opening the proboscis into each one. We stayed silent and still, it seemed oblivious of us, until off it flew. An amazing event for both of us! Benjamin will enjoy your photos immensely, as our delightful visit with one was short and sweet. Thank-you x 2!!

  2. Wow! I so love looking at all your photos from different angles! Amazing shots, Kathy! 😃 I am surprised how hairy they are…. I hope to plant a Butterfly bush this summer if I can find one. 💜

    1. I have to confess, a quirk of my brain is that it tends to think in rhyme and though I may not know it I’m a picture-taking-poet!

  3. These are wonderful shots of this amazing moth, Kathy! We usually have the Hummingbird Hawkmoth visit here, but I haven’t seen it in the last few years. Mind you they can be quite fleeting visitors 🙂 Yours looks very much like our Broad-bordered Bee Hawkmoth (Hemaris fuciformis).

  4. Oh, my goodness what great photos. I have never seen a hummingbird moth live. That last capture with the tongue out is amazing. I so enjoyed these photos thank you so much for sharing them.

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