Cold, Rainy, and Slightly Crazy

The weather this morning was cold, with a slight drizzle dropping from the sky, the perfect day (if you are slightly crazy – a category we readily admit to occupying!) for Chaco’s first trip to Red Top Mountain.

We headed straight to the White Tail Trail, which has a great shoreline for lake loving Labs. Tucker immediately made his way to the water’s edge to wait for the fetch sticks to be thrown…

…while Chaco decided to wade on in.

As soon as it got deep enough to tickle her tummy with its chilly temperature, she opted for a rapid retreat!

Occasionally, Tucker (who looks like he fits into the “slightly crazy” category as well!) played with a glowing green wand or two…

…while Chaco explored her new surroundings.

But most of the their time was spent running to the left…

…and then racing to the right.

And then lunging to the left…

…and leaping to the right.

By the time they were done these two labra-mutts were labra-muddy!

It has always been a joy to take Tucker to the water…

…adding Chaco to the mix doubles the pleasure and double the fun. I am so glad we adopted her! (And if you too would like to adopt a Lab, I highly recommend Labrador Friends of the South – a great organization!)

We smiled the whole drive home with the happy smell of warm, wet dogs filling the jeep. I think I am definitely going to have to get a window sticker for Earl that says, “This vehicle has been Lab tested!”



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