Helping “Hands”

I’ve heard it said that everyone could use a helping hand…but helping hounds? I’m thinking not so much!

These two “helpers’ are having to learn that as much as Mommy loves her labs, she also wants time with her lens.  So, part of their “training” is to occupy themselves and give me some time picture taking peace!

Now,  between the dogs, the daily demands, and the dreary weather, I haven’t managed to get out much,  yet whenever I do get the chance to head to the deck, there always seems to be a handful of birds that show up and bless me with a Kodak moment.
Like these beauties!

Red-breasted Nuthatch
Pine Warbler
Brown Thrasher
Blue Jay
Eastern Bluebird

And since I couldn’t decide which photo I liked better of this fellow, I shall include them both.

Northern Cardinal

By the way…we can safely bet that Chaco has a lot of Lab in her…any guesses on what else might be in the mix?

We are just nerdy enough that we are getting her DNA tested like we did with Tucker, so if you wager a guess I will let you know if you are right!

15 thoughts on “Helping “Hands”

  1. Beautiful pictures…birds and dogs both. I would love to see the red-breasted nuthatches with their white-breasted relatives at my feeders. They are beautiful.

  2. Awwww, what sweet doggie faces I see and beautiful birds too. In my way of thinking not much could be better than sharing life with those two sweet labs and all those beautiful birds. Great photos as always. Hugs

  3. Whatever DNA they have, they are the cutest! And helpful too…as is obvious from the great results with the lens 🙂

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