Towhee Time

I was so glad I had my camera in hand when this beautiful female Towhee stopped in for a bath.

Since they are ground feeders and rarely come up to the deck, I don’t get to take their picture as often as I do some of the other birds.

I was glad she wasn’t in a hurry and seemed content to linger…

…sometimes splashing…

…sometimes squawking…

…sometimes sitting and soaking…

…and sometimes getting photo-bombed by another bather!

Doesn’t she look lovely with her ruffled feathers and her water-droplet-bedazzled tail?

Now to convince the male to come and have some Towhee time in the birdbath!


12 thoughts on “Towhee Time

  1. She is a real Bathing Beauty! I have several towhee families in my Asheville backyard these last few years. They have moved in, stay year around & are a delight calling & calling all day long & keep busy-busy bobbing amongst the doves to find every tidbit on the ground.

  2. I like her coloring. She has interesting eyes with the red and black. I will have to look this bird up – a real beauty! 💗

  3. She is a beauty and she certainly is enjoying that bath. She just needs a big powder puff and a dusting of bath powder to finish off that repertoire. 🙂

      1. I did it years ago in my backyard to take pictures – I also put a bottle of “Mr. Bubble” there as a prop. Where I go for my hair, the owner is creative and buys slate and paints it and does lettering for whatever you want done. He also does quotes. They are all around the salon. I had him do a couple for me about the birdbath. “Baths $0.05” and “Drinks for Free”. 🙂 I had some fun with it.

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