Clusters of Color

There is a house on the road leading into our neighborhood that is bursting with blooming tulips…thousands of them! The other day, hubby saw their garage door open and asked if his wife could come with her camera and traipse about their lawn taking pictures. The kind residents granted permission and I happily headed over to enjoy the beauty.

Now, I confess that I know little about flower photography (things with wings seems to be more my forte) but who can resist such beauty? Rather than trying to photograph a single flower…like these two lovelies…

I opted to try and capture clusters of color.

If you have any helpful tips for taking flower pictures (other than use a tripod, which somehow just doesn’t fit my style) please pass them along. Summer is coming and there will be more beautiful blossoms just begging for attention!

6 thoughts on “Clusters of Color

  1. You’ve done brilliantly.. very especially the last one.. do I love that! The shapes and shadows of flowers and foliage fit together so well it’s almost like they’re knitted together – very special! With tulips and crocuses, I really enjoy a mix of colours.

  2. Wow! 😃 Such beauty!! ❤️🌷🌼 Love the colors! Amazing that your neighbors planted so many for all to enjoy!

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