Baby Maybe?

Usually, if I were to tell you that a bird of blue has been busy stuffing its beak with as much food as possible, you would rightfully picture this fellow below.

But lately, it’s been my pair of Bluebirds who have been busy grabbing food and then hurrying back to their house.

The female prefers the fresh, free range, organic food option…

…although she will occasionally supplement with some dried mealworms.

While the male prefers filling up on as much fast food as possible…

…but will occasionally add some fresh meat to the menu.

Although they will  stop every so often to catch their breath…

…or take a quick sip of water…

…they have mostly been on rapid grab and go missions.

This makes me strongly suspect that they have babies they are feeding that they aren’t yet allowing out of the house.

I so hope they do, and that before long, they will be bringing them to the backyard buffet. Stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “Baby Maybe?

  1. Love your close up pictures. It’s great getting to watch bird families grow up.

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