Mutts to the Mountains!

This past week, hubby and I loaded up the canines and headed to a cabin in the North Carolina mountains for several days. We chose the lodging because it was situated right next to a stream, but the recent rainfall made the current too swift for the dogs to safely romp in, so we opted for playing in the front yard field instead.

Now, when it comes to chasing after toys, Tucker can be fiercely focused on the mission at hand…

…although his facial expressions are often anything but fierce!

He LOVES to leap into the air to catch balls, and always seems so pleased with himself when he is successful.

I must say though, trying to get a picture of the beast in action can be a wee bit harrowing. I am pretty sure Lab-action photography should be considered a contact sport.

And by the way, objects in the lens are closer than they appear!

Chaco also enjoys racing about with toys…

…and occasionally gets the “zoomies” (a phenomenon most dog owners are familiar with!) and runs in high speed circles around the perimeter of the property…

…but mostly she enjoys chasing Tucker or luring him into chasing her. She is jealous of anything that takes his attention away from her!

Being super social, Chaco sometimes lost her off-leash freedom, especially when she was determined to befriend a stray feline (who was interested in food and not friendship!)…

…or a horse that happened to be nearby when we were out exploring.

Watching these two bound about with joyful abandon is such a delight…

…one of those simple pleasures that makes my heart happy.


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  1. Jill Kuhn says:

    So good to see them together with their boundless energy! 😃

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