A Commotion of Cuteness

The baby Bluebirds have arrived, and are causing a commotion of cuteness in my backyard!

There are four youngsters this time around, and to say they are keeping Mama busy would be an understatement.

While she is focused on feeding one, without fail, there is another waiting impatiently in the wings.

Sometimes I cringe a bit when I watch her feed these greedy little guys – it looks like they are going to bite her beak off!

You can’t blame her for trying to deliver in bulk. I think she is bringing four mealworms at once in the picture below!

I have discovered that these little ones are not quite as helpless as they would have Mom believe. One minute they are loudly demanding that she feed them…

…but the moment she flies off to feed another, they help themselves to a snack.

I had to laugh at one point, when she was just getting ready to deliver a mouthful of food to one of the youngsters…

…and the rest of the crew came crashing in. A frenzied feeding photo bomb!

Suffice it to say, patience is a virtue they have not yet acquired.

Ah well, they may be causing a commotion, but at least they’re cute!

14 thoughts on “A Commotion of Cuteness

  1. I would like to invite you to post this on my BOTD blog post. The pictures are so good and the story only makes this post better.

  2. These photos are all adorable…brought me pleasure, smiles and giggles. Those babies can be loud when they are wanting food. That is one busy mama. Hugs

  3. Kathy these shots are absolutely amazing! I love the baby bluebirds! They are so cute! This really made my day! I love it!

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