First Feathers of Fall

I was at Moss Lake when Autumn officially arrived, so today was my first chance of the new season to head outside and see which backyard bird would be the first to have a fall photo taken.

This Red-bellied Woodpecker wasted no time at all in making an appearance.

He bypassed the Bark Butter and dropped down to snare a peanut, then he flew off with the spoils.

With the temperatures still in the 90’s and summer seeming reluctant to leave without a fight, the bird activity is still on the slow side. But I am hoping that cooler temperatures will soon prevail and there will once again be an abundance of backyard visitors.

3 thoughts on “First Feathers of Fall

  1. They do love their peanuts! I know if they have a choice on my feeder of an oiler (which they love) and a peanut, most of them will grab the peanut first.

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