Mid-October Monarchs

This afternoon, my front yard butterfly bush was fluttering with activity.
About a dozen Monarchs were flitting about, feasting on the purple blossoms.

Most of the butterflies who visit this area tend to disappear as summer ends, but Monarchs seem to linger longer. I’m pretty sure these beauties were fueling up for their migration to Mexico.

Occasionally, a pair would both be on the same blossom, which made for some fun photos.

And a few of them opted to sample from the handful of remaining Zinnias.

I don’t care how many times I see one of these gorgeous creatures, they still take my breath away.

Such beauty!

8 thoughts on “Mid-October Monarchs

  1. I am so happy they found the rich way station in your yard, Kathy. Even though yesterday & today were lovely & warmhere, they are well & good long gone from here in Asheville, I think (first frost Saturday!!). And on their long arduous voyage to Mexico. BonVoyage & all my best wishes, Regal beauties.

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