A Kind of Kindred Spirit

As I was putting out seed yesterday and waiting for some birds to show up, I was joined by a kindred spirit of sorts…a fellow bird watcher, if you will.

Although we were both quite hopeful that some birds would bless us with their presence, I am fairly certain that our end aim was not the same.

Powerful, graceful, majestic, alert…this Red-shouldered Hawk was a sight to behold.

6 thoughts on “A Kind of Kindred Spirit

  1. Wow. What a beautiful bird, and this is the first time, in that last shot of yours, that I’ve seen the ‘red shoulders.’ Thank you! I was walking trails at a local park once, a park where the little birds come down to eat out of your hand and follow you around. I had just had a feeding session and tossed the rest of my seed on the trail for them to enjoy, was walking away when I saw a big ole hawk fly up to a branch overhead. I marched right back and stood there while the little birds finished their lunch. He eventually gave up and flew away. I told him I hadn’t fed the little guys just to make them his lunch and he’d have to find something else to eat.

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